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About Us

At Treehouse Therapies, our mission is to help every child GROW and reach their highest developmental potential by providing highly specialized and evidence-based pediatric therapy services to infants and children. We pride ourselves in having a staff of therapists who strive to continually grow in knowledge through collaboration and continuing education opportunities.

Treehouse is a place where pediatric treatment options are:



At Treehouse, we understand each child GROWS at their own pace and in their own way. We create individualized plans specific to your child and your family's needs.  We also pride ourselves in using a variety of evidence-based approaches, techniques and programs.  



Treehouse offers all therapy services under one roof, making therapy a one stop shop for families that need more than one therapy service.  

We implement home programs to help effectively carryover therapy techniques to maximize progress and reduce time in therapy. 



Research shows that children learn best through play.  We pride ourselves in providing play based therapy to not only make therapy effective but also fun and engaging for your child. 

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